Maloney Opposes Tax Package as Unfair to Property Owners
HARRISBURG – Today, the state House voted to pass legislation to raise the revenues needed to fund the 2016-17 budget Gov. Wolf allowed to pass into law on Monday.

The state budget plan for fiscal year 2016-17 spends $31.63 billion.

That number represents spending growth five times the rate of inflation and population growth —$1.6 billion (5.3 percent) more than last year’s enacted budget.

Maloney issued the following statement:

“I voted against the additional taxes contained in this revenue bill because I could not vote to increase taxes that do not have a corresponding reduction on property taxes. We cannot continue to ask people to shell out more and more of their hard-earned money while they are struggling to keep their homes.”

Representative David Maloney
130th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact:  Charles Lardner
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