Maloney Votes “No” on Budget
HARRISBURG – Today, Rep. David Maloney (R-Berks) voted against Senate Bill 1073, the state budget plan for fiscal year 2016-17 that spends $31.63 billion.

That number represents spending growth five times the rate of inflation and population growth —$1.6 billion (5.3 percent) more than last year's enacted budget.

Maloney issued the following statement:

“This measure represents a 5 percent increase in spending in a year when inflation is less than 1 percent. Spending growth that is 5 times the rate of inflation and population growth is unsustainable. Moreover, where we will get the revenues to pay for this increased spending is uncertain. This measure increases the state’s debt and does nothing to relieve the property tax burden on citizens. Without property tax relief, adding to the state’s debt and just hoping our children or our grandchildren can find some way to pay for it is why I voted ‘no.’”

Representative David Maloney
130th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Charles Lardner
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