Maloney Calls on Governor to Stop Syrian Refugee Policy, Urges Pennsylvanians to do the Same
HARRISBURG – State Rep. David Maloney (R-Berks) issued the following statement regarding Gov. Tom Wolf’s announcement that he will offer the state of Pennsylvania as a free haven to scores of Syrian refugees.

“I have grave concern regarding Gov. Wolf’s pronouncement that Pennsylvania will accept Syrian refugees, despite having no mechanism in place to screen these people for security risks.

“At least one of the terrorists identified in the attacks on Paris over the weekend is suspected as posing as a refugee to gain entry into France.

“Without the ability to properly screen those entering our country, we could be giving a free pass for terrorists to enter the United States and take up residence in Pennsylvania.

“While I have sympathy for those caught up in the fog of war, the security of Pennsylvanians must take priority.

“The governor’s open-door policy jeopardizes the safety of our Commonwealth and we must take action to reverse it.

“Many constituents opposed to Wolf’s open-door policy have contacted me asking what we, as lawmakers, can do to stop this flood of unidentified people into our country. Unfortunately, legal scholars are telling the media that the federal government has the sole power to grant refuges status to an individual and the states are powerless to change that.

“Gov. Wolf’s continued lack of transparency has created so much mistrust that some who have contacted me have even suggested that Wolf is using the refugee crisis as a threat against lawmakers to force through his massive tax hikes.

“Since it appears the federal government can do whatever it wants in this circumstance, then we must use our collective voice let our elected governor know we do not agree with allowing a flood of unchecked immigrants into our Commonwealth.

“I urge those who agree to contact Gov. Wolf at 717-787-2500 and tell him to cease this reckless action.”

Representative David Maloney
130th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Charles Lardner
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