State DEP to Award Grant to Exeter Township, says Maloney
HARRISBURG – Rep. David Maloney (R-Berks) today announced that the Commonwealth officials have communicated to him that a grant will soon be awarded to Exeter Township under the Host Municipal Inspector Grant Program.
“The township will use its $1,767 grant to reimburse 50 percent of the cost of employing a host municipal inspector who serves as the independent ‘eyes and ears’ for township residents to assure them that all environmental regulations are being followed,” Maloney said.

Under Act 101 of 1988 – the Municipal Waste Planning, Recycling and Waste Reduction Act – and Act 108 of 1988 – the Hazardous Sites Cleanup Act – the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) pays for half the cost of employing inspectors.

Maloney said inspectors have become an important partner in the department’s efforts to assure compliance with DEP’s municipal and hazardous waste requirements.

“Local inspectors receive regular training from DEP to perform their duties and go on joint inspections of facilities. They also can request inspections of facilities whenever they determine one is needed and can ask that the facilities be shut down if they see threatening violations,” he said.

“There is sometimes concern from residents regarding landfills, incinerators and waste treatment plants, and that is why this program was initiated. With the grant funds provided, municipalities are able to train employees to serve as the eyes and ears for local public safety,” Maloney said.

Representative David Maloney
130th District
Pennsylvania House of Repres
Media Contact: Charles Lardner
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