Maloney Hails Senate Movement on Property Tax Elimination
HARRISBURG – Rep. David Maloney (R- Berks) today noted that the Senate Finance Committee took action on Senate Bill 76, the Property Tax Independence Act, voting it out of committee and reporting it to the full Senate for consideration. In October, Maloney voted in favor of an amendment to bring House Bill 76 to the floor for an up or down vote, but that amendment was defeated.

Maloney issued the following statement on today’s 6-5 Senate committee vote:

“The Finance Committee chairman and members who supported moving Senate Bill 76 should be commended for acting on behalf of Pennsylvania’s homeowners. Ever since the amendment to bring House Bill 76 to the floor of the House was defeated last October, I have urged the Senate to approve its version of property tax elimination and again put pressure on my colleagues to approve this critical measure for hard-working Pennsylvanians. While I would rather have seen the Senate act sooner, there is still enough time left in this legislative session for us to do the right thing and eliminate this fundamentally unfair levy that flies in the face of the American dream of homeownership.”

Representative David Maloney
130th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Charles Lardner
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