Rep. Maloney Visits Philadelphia to Develop Election Integrity Solutions
HARRISBURG — House State Government Committee Member David Maloney, Sr. (R-Pike Township), joined Committee Chairman Daryl Metcalfe and others, in Philadelphia Wednesday (1/30) to continue their research and investigation into reported Election Code violations surrounding the November 2012 election. 

“The reports out of Philadelphia this past election year are seriously troubling. We went to get first-hand information about what took place.” said Maloney.

Rep. Metcalfe said  “Today’s meetings with individuals who were literally at ground zero of Philadelphia’s polling places provided for an open and transparent discussion of reported irregularities and potential policy changes to ensure that each legally cast vote is counted rather than being canceled out by the forces of corruption.” 

Because the highest concentration of reported violations occurred in Philadelphia, one of the meetings was with representatives of the Committee of Seventy, a volunteer, non-partisan voter participation and monitoring organization. The objective was to assess the validity and extent of reported election fraud violations, which included: providing illegal assistance to voters, voter intimidation, electioneering at the polling place and minority inspectors being prevented from performing their duties. The State Government Committee plans to develop legislative solutions to improve the integrity of the Commonwealth’s overall election process, with a specific focus on Philadelphia. 

“The information gathered today reinforced the need for valid voter photo ID.  We can’t accept voter fraud and other intimidating influences that damage Pennsylvania’s election process.” said Maloney. 

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