Maloney Commends Colebrookdale Recycling Effort
HARRISBURG – State Rep. David Maloney (R-Berks) commended Colebrookdale Township on being awarded a $26,121 grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection as a result of recycling efforts in the municipality.

“This grant is a substantial award that reflects a high level of stewardship for our natural resources by township residents and businesses,” Maloney said. “Reducing the amount of refuse we put on trucks helps to minimize use of landfills and to conserves Pennsylvania’s natural resources. I’m proud of what they’ve accomplished.”

The grant is based on the 1,286.4 tons recycled in 2009 and the municipality’s population of approximately 5,200. Township secretary Jeannie DiSante said the grant can help lower the recycling fee to area residents.

“We have done very well with this program the past few years and we use the money to help keep down the cost of the recycling contracts we bid out,” DiSante said. “Our residents pay a recycling fee annually, and a lower contract cost would mean that fee can be reduced.”

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State Representative David Maloney
130th District, Pennsylvania House of Representatives
Contact: Charles Lardner
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