Maloney Applauds Castle Doctrine Signing

State Rep. David Maloney (R-Berks) was on hand Tuesday as Gov. Tom Corbett signed into law House Bill 40, authored by Rep. Scott Perry (R-Cumberland/York), the so-called Castle Doctrine legislation.


“It is really common sense protection for all Pennsylvanians,” Maloney said. “This will allow law-abiding citizens to protect themselves and their family where they’re legally allowed to be without fear of retribution, liability or lawsuit.”


House Bill 40 is based in part on a similar bill enacted in the state of Florida which addresses the use of deadly force in defense of one’s self and others within an individual’s residence or occupied vehicle. This new lawn creates a presumption that an attacker or intruder intends to do great bodily harm to an individual and others inside his or her home or occupied vehicle, and force, including deadly force, may be used as a means of protection.


“The people of Pennsylvania deserve the right to defend what belongs to them when challenged by those who choose to use serious bodily harm,” added Maloney. “When faced with an imminent threat, citizens will now have the ability to fight for what is theirs when the criminal element in our society disrespects their rights.”


The bill eliminates the duty to retreat before using lethal force inside of one’s home or occupied vehicle. It also includes a civil immunity safeguard that prevents a law-abiding citizen from being forced into a frivolous lawsuit due to self-defense.


State Representative David Maloney

130th District, Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Contact:  Scott Little
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