House Budget Bill Has Maloney’s Support

State Rep. David Maloney (R-Berks) was among House members Tuesday to vote in favor of House Bill 1485, the response to Gov. Tom Corbett’s budget proposal. He issued the following statement upon passage of the bill, which will now be taken up by the state Senate:


“Frivolous spending has contributed to this economic situation we are in and must not be part of a budget bill for fiscal year 2011-12. Our constituents are being forced to live within their means, and state government must do the same.


“Opponents of this bill have pointed to the alleged surplus reflected in the latest revenue figures and the need to spend it. ‘It’ is far from being a reality, and could easily evaporate with the May revenue report just as it appeared in the April report. Spending money we do not have is partly to blame for the situation we are in, and doing so again would be literally begging history to repeat itself. State government needs to mimic the financial practices of those who send us to Harrisburg as their representatives.


“Should this surplus in fact still exist in the coming months, the priority should be the same as that of Americans across the country – reduction of debt, as opposed to frivolous spending. At that point, this money should be directed toward our outstanding obligations -- the possible repayment of an $800 million judgment to reimburse the Medical Care Availability and Reduction of Error (MCare) fund, should the court rule against the state; paying down outstanding debt, which currently sits at $8 billion; or reimbursement of the federal unemployment compensation debt we will soon be asked to repay.


“House Bill 1485 spends responsibly and plans for the future. The bill restores education funding severely cut by the Corbett proposal and reinstates the basic education subsidy to pre-stimulus levels. It obtains that funding not through new taxes, but rather through re-appropriation of funds used to increase welfare spending. The fraud, waste and abuse uncovered by Auditor General Jack Wagner is factored into the legislation, which responsibly indentifies further cost savings within the Department of Public Welfare.


“This budget bill is also a jobs bill, in that it stimulates job growth through the imposition of no new taxes. Pennsylvania’s status as a job ‘unfriendly’ state is well documented, and placing further burdens on existing businesses does nothing to remove that tag. We must do all we can to put out the welcome mat for potential businesses, that in turn are potential employers. A jobless recovery cannot be sustained, and House Bill 1485 moves us in that direction.”


State Representative David Maloney

130th District, Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Contact:  Scott Little
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