Maloney Set to Serve 130th Legislative District

Representative one of 29 freshmen sworn in Tuesday 

State Rep. David Maloney (R-Berks) was among 203 House members sworn into office Tuesday at the state Capitol. The freshman representative will serve constituents in the 130th Legislative District.  

“Tuesday was an exciting and overwhelming day,” Maloney said. “I was proud to have my wife and children by my side as I prepare to undertake the task of representing in Harrisburg the people of the 130th Legislative District.” 

With swearing-in day behind him, Maloney knows the work now begins, and he has two particular tasks to attend to, compliments of what at the time were future constituents he met during the campaign.  

“The top two issues I was asked my opinion on while going door-to-door are property taxes and job creation,” added Maloney. “One deals with relieving the burden that many of our residents are, in an increasing number of cases, finding more and more difficult to handle. The other has to do with making Pennsylvania a more business-friendly state for prospective employers and the jobs they will subsequently bring inside our borders.” 

Maloney is also busy setting up his two district offices. They are located at 46 East Philadelphia Avenue, Boyertown and 515 Old Swede Road, Suite B2, Douglassville. 

Rep. David Maloney
130th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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House Republican Public Relations
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