Fighting to pass the Family Heritage Open Space Protection Act

May. 25, 2021 / Embed

Representative David Maloney is reintroducing legislation which will mandate that all local zoning ordinances contain a non-building waiver provision.

Free The Lemonade Stands

Apr. 19, 2021 / Embed

Representative Dave Maloney advocates for HB 664, legislation that would allow a business, exclusively owned by one or more minors receiving not more than $10,000 in net proceeds per year, operating on an occasional basis from being required to obtain a license from the municipality or HOA that it operates out of.

Rep. Maloney Takes part in Trout Stocking

Mar. 30, 2021 / Embed

Rep. Dave Maloney takes part in Trout Stocking with his family in preparation for Opening Day on Saturday April 3rd.

Preventing Bicycling Deaths and Injuries

Mar. 17, 2021 / Embed

Representative Dave Maloney speaks of HB 140, a bill that requires vehicles parking along a curbside bike lane must park parallel with their right-hand or left-hand wheels within 12 inches of the outside line of the buffer area between the bike lane and parking in the direction of traffic flow.

Rep. Maloney Comments on H.B. 2400

Apr. 21, 2020 / Embed

Representative Dave Maloney comments on HB 2400, a bill that will allow public and private construction activities that adhere to social distancing and other mitigation measures defined by the Centers for Disease Control to return to operations.

PA House Motorsports Caucus Chairman Honors Roger Penske

Jan. 15, 2020 / Embed

State Rep. Dave Maloney honors the racing career and achievements of Roger Penske by announcing House Resolution 616.

Rep. Maloney Interviews Sec.Redding At 2020 Farm Show

Jan. 08, 2020 / Embed

At Pennsylvania's 104th Farm Show, State Rep. Dave Maloney chats with Agriculture Secretary Russell Redding about the invasive Spotted Lantern Fly and Chronic Wasting Disease.

Boyertown Lady Bears House Floor Citation

Dec. 18, 2019 / Embed

State Reps. Dave Maloney and Marcy Toepel recognize the Boyertown Lady Bears soccer team.

Rep. Maloney House Floor remarks on H.R. 614

Nov. 21, 2019 / Embed

State Rep. David Maloney ask for support of House Resolution 614, celebrating the American Legion and its 100 years of service.

Rep. Maloney Grandchildren House Floor Recognition 10.23.19

Oct. 23, 2019 / Embed

On October 23rd, 2019, proud grandfather and State Rep. Dave Maloney has his grandchildren recognized on the House Floor.