The Time is Now to Properly Honor First Responders, Maloney Says
HARRISBURG – Rep. David Maloney (R-Berks) has introduced legislation that would designate Sept. 27 of each year as “First Responders Day” in Pennsylvania to honor the men and women on the front lines who sacrifice so much to protect the lives and property of others.

In light of the Pennsylvania Mayors Association’s promotion of Sunday, May 3, as “Bells Across Pennsylvania Day,” when all churches, or at least all that have bells, are asked to ring them for three minutes at 7 p.m. to thank our first responders, Maloney believes the time is right to pass House Bill 87 and sign it into law. Bells Across Pennsylvania Day is meant to show solidarity with local officials and citizens and demonstrate Pennsylvanians’ resolve to get through this pandemic and thrive once again.

“As a strong believer in volunteerism and service to one’s community, I introduced House Bill 87 to designate Sept. 27 of each year as First Responders Day in Pennsylvania,” Maloney said. “The vast majority of Pennsylvania residents depend on volunteers for fire protection and emergency medical services, with 97% of all fire services in Pennsylvania are staffed by volunteers. They make real personal sacrifices to protect our communities. The point is that, like our armed forces, thousands of first responders have made the ultimate sacrifice.”

Maloney introduced the bill when he discovered that only a few states and some cities have created such a day, and even Congress has not yet acted on such a measure. In Pennsylvania, a resolution is offered each year to honor them, but Maloney strongly believes Pennsylvania should have a permanent day set aside for them.

Representative David Maloney
130th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Charles Lardner